Stova Bambini SS21 G3

Αυτό το προϊόν είναι εξαντλημένο και μή διαθέσιμο αυτή τη στιγμή.


A wonderful new design decorated with three different laces in the simplest line. The discreet lace on the sleeve gives a romantic note to the corsage that is completed with lace of embossed small flowers. The skirt in a new cut with small toes on the sides consists of soft spider embossed tulle. The dress includes detachable, decorative, handmade, fabric flowers on the belt and a matching hair ribbon. Design the christening of your dreams, each outfit is combined with a corresponding bow for your box or suitcase, candle, oilcloths, underwear, towels and set of swimming pool (candles-soap-oil bottle), or decorated with the theme of your choice.

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ΚΠ: Μ/Δ Κατηγορία: