Fresk Mini Backpack 28x21cm from recycled PET bottles – Giraf


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Parents choose only Fresk for their children’s school bags! 
Because they are  quality, durable, light and waterproof! 
 unique  and  ecological proposition , as the fabric of the bag is made from a material derived from  recycled PET plastic bottles * !
Thus, by choosing a Fresk bag you contribute to the  protection of the environment 
Basic features: 
– The backpack has compartments so that you can place your things safely.
– It has a special section inside so that he can place his glass or his mug and it stays in place. 
– The front case closes with a magnet so it locks automatically.
– It has adjustable shoulder straps and leatherette elements that give it a special look. 
– Dimensions:  Small: 28×21 cm
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